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abnormal pro-B cell morphology (MP:0005432)
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abnormal B cell receptor editing  
abnormal B cell selection +   
abnormal class switch recombination  
abnormal common lymphocyte progenitor cell morphology +   
abnormal common myeloid progenitor cell morphology +   
abnormal erythroid progenitor cell morphology +   
abnormal granulocyte monocyte progenitor cell morphology +   
abnormal hematopoietic precursor cell number  
abnormal hematopoietic stem cell morphology +   
abnormal immature B cell morphology +   
abnormal immunoglobulin V(D)J recombination +   
abnormal megakaryocyte progenitor cell morphology +   
abnormal megakaryocyte-erythroid progenitor cell morphology +   
abnormal memory B cell differentiation  
abnormal plasma cell differentiation  
abnormal pro-B cell morphology +   
any structural anomaly of the progenitor cells of the B cell lineage, with some lineage specific activity such as early stages of recombination of B cell receptor genes, but are not yet fully committed to the B cell lineage until the expression of PAX5 occurs
abnormal somatic hypermutation frequency  
arrested B cell differentiation  

Exact Synonyms: abnormal B cell progenitor ;   pro-B cell abnormalities
Definition Sources: CL:0000826, ISBN:0781735149, MGI:csmith

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