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abnormal circulating HDL cholesterol level +   
abnormal circulating non-HDL cholesterol level +   
decreased circulating cholesterol level +   
increased brain cholesterol level  
increased circulating cholesterol level +   
greater than the normal amount in the blood of the principal sterol of vertebrates and the precursor of many steroids, including bile acids and steroid hormones; it is a component of the plasma membrane lipid bilayer and of plasma lipoproteins and can be found in all animal tissues
increased liver cholesterol level  

Exact Synonyms: elevated total circulating cholesterol level ;   hypercholesterolaemia ;   hypercholesterolemia ;   increased total circulating cholesterol level
Narrow Synonyms: elevated total plasma cholesterol level ;   elevated total serum cholesterol level ;   high serum cholesterol level ;   increased total plasma cholesterol level ;   increased total serum cholesterol level
Alternate IDs: MP:0001550 ;   MP:0002615
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