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abnormal incus morphology +   
any structural anomaly of the anvil-shaped, central bone of the three auditory ossicles which articulates with the head of the malleus anteromedially and the stapes inferomedially; its parts include: a body which articulates with the head of the malleus, and to which the superior ligament of the incus is attached (to the roof of the middle ear cavity); a long crus down to the lentiform process (lenticular process) which articulates with the stapes; and a short crus to which the posterior ligament of the incus is attached
abnormal malleus morphology +   
abnormal stapes morphology +   
absent middle ear ossicles +   
dense middle ear ossicles 
fusion of middle ear ossicles +   
small middle ear ossicles +   

Exact Synonyms: abnormal incus bone morphology
Definition Sources: ISBN:0-683-40008-8

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