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increased lymphocyte cell number (MP:0005013)
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abnormal B cell number +   
abnormal NK cell number +   
abnormal T cell compartment +   
abnormal T cell number +   
decreased lymphocyte cell number +   
increased granulocyte number +   
increased lymphocyte cell number +   
greater than normal number of the cells involved in adaptive immune reactions of the body in most inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, including B cells, T cells and natural killer cells
increased macrophage cell number +   
increased monocyte cell number +   
increased plasmacytoid dendritic cell number  

Exact Synonyms: increased lymphocyte count ;   lymphocytosis
Broad Synonyms: increased immune cell number
Alternate IDs: MP:0000323 ;   MP:0000718 ;   MP:0000720
Definition Sources: MGI:csmith, MGI:cwg

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