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abnormal alveolar macrophage morphology +   
abnormal bone collagen fibril morphology  
abnormal bone marrow cavity morphology +   
abnormal bone marrow morphology +   
abnormal bone mineral content +   
abnormal bone mineral density +   
abnormal bone volume +   
abnormal compact bone morphology +   
abnormal Kupffer cell morphology  
abnormal macrophage cell number +   
abnormal macrophage derived foam cell morphology +   
abnormal macrophage differentiation  
abnormal melanophage morphology 
abnormal metallophilic macrophage morphology  
abnormal microglial cell morphology +   
abnormal osteoblast morphology +   
abnormal osteoclast morphology +   
any structural anomaly of the specialized phagocytic cells associated with the absorption and removal of the mineralized matrix of bone tissue
abnormal osteocyte lacunocanalicular system morphology +   
abnormal periosteum morphology +   
abnormal peritoneal macrophage morphology  
abnormal perivascular macrophage morphology  
abnormal spleen marginal zone macrophage morphology  
abnormal susceptibility to osteoporosis +   
abnormal trabecular bone morphology +   
bone fibrous dysplasia +  
decreased bone mass +   
increased bone mass +   

Exact Synonyms: abnormal osteophage morphology
Related Synonyms: abnormal chondroclast morphology
Definition Sources: CL:0000092

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