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abnormal alpha-beta T cell morphology +   
abnormal effector T cell morphology +   
abnormal gamma-delta T cell morphology +   
abnormal intraepithelial T cell morphology +   
abnormal memory T cell morphology +   
abnormal regulatory T cell morphology +   
any structural anomaly of the specialized subpopulation of T cells that act to suppress activation of the immune system and thus maintain immune system homeostasis and prevent pathological self-reactivity; these may include T cells that express the CD8 transmembrane glycoprotein (CD8-positive T cells), those that express CD4 and CD25 (CD4-positive, CD25-positive regulatory T cells or Tregs) and other T cell types that have suppressor function
abnormal T cell differentiation +   
abnormal T cell number +   

Exact Synonyms: abnormal regulatory T lymphocyte morphology ;   abnormal regulatory T-lymphocyte ;   abnormal suppressor T cell morphology ;   abnormal suppressor T cell morphology/development ;   abnormal suppressor T lymphocyte morphology ;   suppressor T cell abnormalities
Narrow Synonyms: abnormal Treg cell morphology
Alternate IDs: MP:0002437
Xrefs: CL:0000815
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