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abnormal B-1 B cell morphology (MP:0004940)
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abnormal B-1 B cell morphology +   
any structural anomaly of the subset of B cells found predominantly in the peritoneum, pleural cavities, and spleen, and are enriched for self-reactivity; B-1 B cells are thought to be the primary source of natural IgM immunoglobulin, that is, IgM produced in large quantities without prior antigenic stimulation and generally reactive against various microorganisms, as well as the source of T-independent IgA immunoglobulin in the mucosal areas
abnormal B-2 B cell morphology +   
abnormal follicular B cell morphology +   
abnormal germinal center B cell morphology +   
abnormal marginal zone B cell morphology +   
abnormal memory B cell morphology +   
abnormal naive B cell morphology +   
abnormal plasmablast morphology +   

Exact Synonyms: abnormal B-1 B lymphocyte morphology ;   abnormal B1 cell morphology
Definition Sources: CL:0000819, MGI:csmith, PMID:11861604

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