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abnormal kidney collecting duct morphology (MP:0004754)
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abnormal kidney capsule morphology  
abnormal kidney collecting duct morphology +   
any structural anomaly of the kidney ducts lined by simple cuboidal epithelium that collect urine from the distal convoluted tubules, merge and become larger as they descend from the renal cortex into the medulla, and respond to vasopressin and aldosterone to regulate water, electrolyte and acid-base balance; each cortical collecting duct joints with other ducts to make a medullary connecting duct, which eventually drains into a papillary duct, emptying urine into the renal pelvis for drainage into the ureter
abnormal kidney cortex morphology +   
abnormal kidney corticomedullary boundary morphology +   
abnormal kidney development +   
abnormal kidney epithelium morphology +   
abnormal kidney glycogen level +   
abnormal kidney interstitium morphology +   
abnormal kidney iron level +   
abnormal kidney lobe morphology 
abnormal kidney lobule morphology  
abnormal kidney medulla morphology +   
abnormal kidney pelvis morphology +   
abnormal kidney size +   
abnormal kidney vasculature morphology +   
abnormal nephron morphology +   
absent kidney  
bifid kidney 
duplex kidney  
ectopic kidney +   
fused kidneys  
granular kidney  
kidney cyst +   
kidney degeneration +   
pale kidney  
renal fibrosis +   
single kidney  

Exact Synonyms: abnormal collecting tubule morphology ;   abnormal kidney collecting tube morphology ;   abnormal kidney collecting tubule morphology ;   abnormal renal collecting duct morphology ;   abnormal renal collecting tube morphology
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