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abnormal vestibular hair cell development (MP:0004588)
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abnormal cochlear hair cell development  
abnormal inner ear development +   
abnormal otic pit morphology +   
abnormal otic placode morphology  
abnormal otic vesicle morphology +   
abnormal type I vestibular cell  
abnormal type II vestibular cells 
abnormal vestibular hair cell development  
atypical initial production, differentiation, migration or maturation of hair cells in the sensory epithelium of the maculae and cristae of the membranous labyrinth of the inner ear
abnormal vestibular hair cell kinocilium morphology  
abnormal vestibular hair cell number +   
abnormal vestibular hair cell stereociliary bundle morphology +   
vestibular hair cell degeneration  

Definition Sources: MGI:anna

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