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abnormal outer hair cell stereociliary bundle morphology (MP:0004527)
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abnormal cochlear hair cell inter-stereocilial links morphology +   
abnormal cochlear OHC afferent innervation pattern  
abnormal cochlear OHC efferent innervation pattern  
abnormal cochlear outer hair cell number +   
abnormal inner hair cell stereociliary bundle morphology +   
abnormal orientation of cochlear hair cell stereociliary bundles +   
abnormal outer hair cell stereociliary bundle morphology +   
any structural anomaly or disruption of the typical V or W-like pattern of arrangement of mechanosensitive hair bundles located at the apical end of cochlear OHCs; each hair bundle is normally composed of ~100 nonmotile, actin-filled microvilli (stereocilia) arranged in rows of increasing height and coupled to one another by morphologically distinct links: tip links, horizontal top connectors, shaft connectors, and ankle links; most hair bundles also possess a single motile kinocilium immediately adjacent to the tallest (outermost) row of stereocilia; a fifth link type, the kinocilial link, connects the kinocilium to its neighboring stereocilia
absent cochlear hair cell stereocilia  
cochlear outer hair cell degeneration  
decreased cochlear hair cell stereocilia number +   
short cochlear hair cell stereocilia +   
short cochlear outer hair cells  
thin cochlear hair cell stereocilia  

Exact Synonyms: abnormal OHC bundles ;   abnormal OHC stereocilia ;   abnormal OHC stereociliary bundles
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