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abnormal spiral ligament morphology (MP:0004288)
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abnormal anterior longitudinal ligament morphology 
abnormal Claudius cell morphology  
abnormal cranial suspensory ligament morphology 
abnormal falciform ligament morphology +   
abnormal gubernaculum morphology  
abnormal Hensen stripe morphology +   
abnormal iliofemoral ligament morphology  
abnormal ischiofemoral ligament morphology  
abnormal organ of Corti morphology +   
abnormal patellar ligament morphology 
abnormal pelvic ligament morphology 
abnormal periodontal ligament morphology +   
abnormal posterior longitudinal ligament morphology  
abnormal spiral ligament morphology +   
any structural anomaly in the thickened periosteal lining of the bony cochlea that forms the outer wall of the cochlear duct to which the basal lamina attaches
abnormal stapes annular ligament morphology +   
abnormal stria vascularis morphology +   
abnormal stylohyoid ligament morphology  
abnormal tectorial membrane morphology +   
absent scala media  
dilated scala media  
small scala media +   

Exact Synonyms: abnormal crista spiralis ;   abnormal ligamentum spirale cochleae ;   abnormal ligamentum spirale ductus cochlearis ;   abnormal spiral crest ;   abnormal spiral ligament of cochlea ;   abnormal spiral ligament of cochlear duct
Definition Sources: MGI:anna

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