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abnormal cerebral cortex average cell area +   
abnormal cerebral cortex cell density +   
abnormal cerebral cortex cell number +   
abnormal cerebral cortex pyramidal cell morphology +   
abnormal cerebral cortex total cell area +   
abnormal cingulate cortex average cell area +  
abnormal cingulate cortex cell density +  
abnormal cingulate cortex cell number +  
abnormal cingulate cortex total cell area +  
abnormal cingulate gyrus morphology +   
any structural anomaly of the ridge in the cerebral cortex located dorsal to the corpus callosum that controls autonomic functions regulating heart rate and blood pressure as well as cognitive and attentional processing
abnormal neocortex morphology +   
abnormal orbitofrontal cortex morphology  
abnormal premotor cortex morphology +   
abnormal primary motor cortex morphology +   
abnormal somatosensory cortex morphology +   
abnormal stratification in cerebral cortex  
abnormal visual cortex morphology  
cerebral cortex microinfarct 
decreased cingulate cortex size  
delaminated cerebral cortex  
increased cingulate cortex size  
loss of cortex neurons  
thickened cerebral cortex  
thin cerebral cortex  

Exact Synonyms: abnormal callosal gyrus morphology ;   abnormal falciform lobe
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