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abnormal birth body size +   
abnormal body composition +   
abnormal body wall morphology +   
abnormal chest morphology +   
abnormal cyst +   
abnormal head morphology +   
abnormal neck morphology +   
abnormal postnatal growth/weight/body size +   
abnormal prenatal growth/weight/body size +   
distended abdomen +   
heterochrony +   
heterotaxia +   
abnormal arrangement of organs or parts of the body in relation to each other according to the left-right axis
organomegaly +   

Exact Synonyms: abnormal bilateral symmetry ;   heterotaxis ;   heterotaxy
Related Synonyms: heterotaxy syndrome
Xrefs: Fyler:0190 ;   Fyler:190 ;   MPATH:712
Definition Sources: MGI:anna, PMID:16461029

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