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abnormal impulse conducting system morphology (MP:0004123)
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abnormal cardiac muscle calcium level +   
abnormal cardiac muscle glycogen level +   
abnormal cardiac muscle triglyceride level +   
abnormal coronary vessel morphology +   
abnormal heart and great vessel attachment +   
abnormal heart apex morphology +   
abnormal heart atrium and ventricle connection +   
abnormal heart atrium morphology +   
abnormal heart development +   
abnormal heart iron level +   
abnormal heart layer morphology +   
abnormal heart position or orientation +   
abnormal heart septum morphology +   
abnormal heart shape +   
abnormal heart size +   
abnormal heart valve morphology +   
abnormal heart ventricle morphology +   
abnormal impulse conducting system morphology +   
any structural anomaly in the impulse-conducting system composed of modified cardiac muscle and having the power of spontaneous rhythmicity and conduction more highly developed than the rest of the heart
abnormal myocardium layer morphology +   
abnormal pericardial cavity morphology +   
abnormal pericardium morphology +   
absent heart  
cardiac fibrosis +   
cardiac muscle atrophy 
cardiac muscle degeneration +   
cardiac muscle necrosis +   
dilated heart +   
dystrophic cardiac calcinosis +   
heart left ventricle hypertrophy  
heart right ventricle hypertrophy  
heart vascular congestion  

Exact Synonyms: abnormal bundle of Kent ;   abnormal heart conducting system
Definition Sources: MESH:A07.541.409

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