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abnormal thoracic duct morphology (MP:0004107)
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abnormal afferent lymphatic vessel morphology  
abnormal efferent lymphatic vessel morphology 
abnormal embryonic lymph sac morphology +   
abnormal lymphangiogenesis  
abnormal lymphatic vessel endothelium morphology +   
abnormal lymphatic vessel smooth muscle morphology  
abnormal lymphatic vessel topology  
abnormal thoracic duct morphology  
any structural anomaly in the largest collecting lymph vessel in the body, beginning at the cisterna chyli at about the level of the second lumbar vertebra, and drains into the systemic (blood) circulation at the left brachiocephalic vein between the left subclavian and left internal jugular veins
absent connection between subcutaneous lymph vessels and lymph sac  
absent lymphatic vessels  
enlarged lymphatic vessel +   
small lymphatic vessel +   

Exact Synonyms: abnormal Pecquet duct morphology ;   abnormal Van Hoorne's canal morphology ;   abnormal alimentary duct morphology ;   abnormal chyliferous duct morphology ;   abnormal ductus thoracicus morphology ;   abnormal left lymphatic duct morphology ;   abnormal van Horne canal morphology
Definition Sources: MGI:anna, MGI:csmith

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