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abnormal circulating HDL phospholipid level +   
abnormal circulating non-HDL phospholipid level +   
decreased circulating phospholipid level +   
high carcass lipid 
increased anandamide level  
increased bile salt level +   
increased circulating phospholipid level +   
greater concentration in the blood of the fat derivatives in which one fatty acid has been replaced by a phosphate group
increased fatty acids level +   
increased ganglioside level  
increased glycerol level +   
increased glycerophosphocholine level  
increased leukotriene level  
increased plasmalogen level +   
increased sterol level +   
increased sulfoglycosphingolipid level +  
increased thromboxane level  
increased triglyceride level +   
increased urine corticosterone level  

Definition Sources:, RGD:cur

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