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abnormal first pharyngeal pouch morphology  
abnormal fourth pharyngeal pouch morphology +   
abnormal second pharyngeal pouch morphology +   
abnormal third pharyngeal pouch morphology +   
abnormal thyroglossal duct morphology 
abnormal thyroid diverticulum morphology  
abnormal ultimobranchial body morphology +   
any structural anomaly of the outpocketing of the caudal-most branchial pouch of the embryo (interpreted as a fifth pouch in human or as the ventral component of the fourth pouch in mouse) that fuses with the thyroid diverticulum, ultimately giving rise to calcitonin-producing parafollicular cells (aka C-cells) which function in calcium homeostasis; in most mammals, these parafollicular cells fully disperse with the endodermally derived follicular cells of the thyroid by birth

Exact Synonyms: abnormal corpus ultimopharyngeum morphology ;   abnormal postbranchial body morphology ;   abnormal telobranchial body morphology ;   abnormal telopharyngeal body morphology ;   abnormal ultimobranchial gland morphology ;   abnormal ultimopharyngeal body morphology ;   abnormal ultimopharyngeal gland morphology
Definition Sources: PMID:20144910

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