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abnormal hair follicle development (MP:0003704)
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abnormal hair follicle bulb morphology +   
abnormal hair follicle development +   
any anomaly in the development of the tube-like opening in the epidermis where the hair shaft develops and into which the sebaceous glands open
abnormal hair follicle infundibulum morphology +   
abnormal hair follicle inner root sheath morphology +   
abnormal hair follicle isthmus morphology 
abnormal hair follicle melanin granule morphology +   
abnormal hair follicle orientation  
abnormal hair follicle ostium morphology  
abnormal hair follicle outer root sheath morphology +   
abnormal mammary gland development +   
abnormal Meibomian gland development  
abnormal piliary canal morphology +   
abnormal sebocyte differentiation  
absent hair follicles  
decreased hair follicle number  
delayed emergence of vibrissae  
dilated hair follicle +   
distended hair follicles  
distorted hair follicle pattern  
enlarged hair follicles  
hair follicle comedo  
hair follicle degeneration  
increased hair follicle number  
small hair follicles  

Definition Sources: GO:0001942

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