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abnormal vestibulocochlear ganglion morphology (MP:0003703)
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abnormal axon radial sorting  
abnormal brain development +   
abnormal ciliary ganglion morphology  
abnormal CNS synapse formation +   
abnormal cochlear ganglion morphology +   
abnormal embryonic/fetal subventricular zone morphology +   
abnormal geniculate ganglion morphology +   
abnormal glossopharyngeal ganglion morphology +   
abnormal neural plate morphology +   
abnormal neural tube morphology +   
abnormal neuron differentiation +   
abnormal neuronal stem cell morphology  
abnormal trigeminal ganglion morphology +   
abnormal vagus ganglion morphology +   
abnormal vestibular ganglion morphology +   
abnormal vestibulocochlear ganglion morphology +   
any structural anomaly of the group of neuron cell bodies associated with the eighth cranial nerve during embryogenesis; splits in later development to form the cochlear and vestibular ganglia
anencephaly +   

Exact Synonyms: abnormal vestibular cochlear ganglion ;   abnormal vestibular cochlear ganglion morphology ;   abnormal vestibulocochlear ganglia morphology
Broad Synonyms: abnormal spiral ganglion
Alternate IDs: MP:0001090
Definition Sources: MGI:smb

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