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abnormal cyst +     
abnormal kidney capsule morphology  
abnormal kidney collecting duct morphology +   
abnormal kidney cortex morphology +   
abnormal kidney corticomedullary boundary morphology +   
abnormal kidney development +   
abnormal kidney epithelium morphology +   
abnormal kidney glycogen level +   
abnormal kidney interstitium morphology +   
abnormal kidney iron level +   
abnormal kidney lobe morphology 
abnormal kidney lobule morphology  
abnormal kidney medulla morphology +   
abnormal kidney pelvis morphology +   
abnormal kidney size +   
abnormal kidney vasculature morphology +   
abnormal nephron morphology +   
absent kidney  
adrenal gland cyst  
atrium cyst  
bifid kidney 
biliary cyst  
bulbourethral gland cyst  
duplex kidney  
ectopic kidney +   
embryo cyst  
epididymal cyst  
epithelioid cyst +   
fused kidneys  
gastric cyst  
granular kidney  
inguinal cyst 
inner ear cyst  
jaw cyst +   
kidney cyst +   
presence of one or more abnormal membranous sacs in any portion of the pair of organs responsible for urine secretion
kidney degeneration +   
lip cyst 
liver cyst  
lung cyst  
lymphomesenteric cyst 
Meibomian gland cyst  
ovary cyst +   
pale kidney  
pancreas cyst  
prostate gland cyst  
Rathke cleft cyst 
renal fibrosis +   
single kidney  
skin cyst +   
spina bifida cystica  
throat cyst 
thymus cyst  
thyroid gland cyst  
urinary bladder cyst  
uterus cyst  
vagina cyst 
vulva cyst 

Exact Synonyms: cystic kidney ;   cystic kidneys ;   kidney cysts ;   renal cyst ;   renal cysts
Related Synonyms: Cystic Kidney Disease
Alternate IDs: MP:0005347
Xrefs: EFO:0008615
Definition Sources: ISBN:0-683-40008-8, MGI:pvb

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