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abnormal alveolar process morphology +   
abnormal anterior longitudinal ligament morphology 
abnormal cementum morphology +   
abnormal cranial suspensory ligament morphology 
abnormal dental pulp cavity morphology +   
abnormal falciform ligament morphology +   
abnormal gubernaculum morphology  
abnormal gum morphology +   
abnormal iliofemoral ligament morphology  
abnormal incisor morphology +   
abnormal ischiofemoral ligament morphology  
abnormal molar morphology +   
abnormal patellar ligament morphology 
abnormal pelvic ligament morphology 
abnormal periodontal ligament morphology +   
any structural anomaly of the fibrous connective tissue that surrounds the root of a tooth, separating it from and attaching it to the alveolar bone; normally extends from the base of the gingival mucosa to the fundus of the bony socket, and its main function is to hold the tooth in its socket
abnormal posterior longitudinal ligament morphology  
abnormal spiral ligament morphology +   
abnormal stapes annular ligament morphology +   
abnormal stylohyoid ligament morphology  
abnormal tooth color +   
abnormal tooth development +   
abnormal tooth hard tissue morphology +   
abnormal tooth neck morphology +  
abnormal tooth number +   
abnormal tooth root morphology +   
brittle teeth  
carious teeth  
conical tooth +   
fused teeth +   
macrodontia +   
microdontia +   
misaligned teeth +   
periodontal pocket  
tooth abscess +   

Exact Synonyms: abnormal periodontium ligament
Definition Sources: MGI:anna

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