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increased fibrosarcoma incidence +   
increased hemangiosarcoma incidence +   
higher than normal incidence of a malignant tumor characterized by rapidly proliferating, extensively infiltrating, anaplastic cells derived from blood vessels and appear as irregular blood-filled or lumpy sacs that are typically filled with blood; rupture of the tumor can cause rapid death from bleeding
increased histiocytic sarcoma incidence  
increased leiomyosarcoma incidence  
increased liposarcoma incidence  
increased odontosarcoma incidence +   
increased osteosarcoma incidence  
increased rhabdomyosarcoma incidence  

Exact Synonyms: angiosarcoma ;   increased haemangiosarcoma incidence
Related Synonyms: haemangiosarcoma ;   hemangiosarcoma
Definition Sources:, ISBN:0-683-40008-8, MESH:C04.557.450.795.390

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