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abnormal physiological umbilical hernia morphology  
abnormal umbilical cord blood vessel morphology +   
abnormal urachus morphology +  
any structural anomaly of the fibrous remnant of the allantoic stalk, a narrow fetal canal connecting the apex of the urinary bladder with the umbilicus located in the space of Retzius, between the transversalis fascia anteriorly and the peritoneum posteriorly. its lumen is normally obliterated during development, transforming the urachus into a solid cord, a functionless remnant that persists throughout life as the median umbilical ligament; failure of complete lumen obliteration may result in distinct congenital urachal remnant anomalies
abnormal urinary bladder detrusor smooth muscle morphology  
abnormal urinary bladder development 
abnormal urinary bladder fundus morphology 
abnormal urinary bladder mucosa morphology  
abnormal urinary bladder neck morphology  
abnormal urinary bladder trigone morphology 
abnormal urinary bladder urothelium morphology +   
abnormal urinary bladder vasculature morphology  
abnormal urinary bladder weight +   
absent umbilical cord  
absent urinary bladder  
cystolithiasis +   
distended urinary bladder  
enlarged urinary bladder  
short umbilical cord  
umbilical cord hemorrhage  
umbilical hernia  
urinary bladder cyst  
urinary bladder diverticulum 
urinary bladder exstrophy  
urinary bladder fibrosis  
urinary bladder hypoplasia  
urinary bladder obstruction  
urinary bladder prolapse 
vesicovaginal fistula  

Definition Sources: MGI:anna

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