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abnormal amylin secretion +   
abnormal circulating glucagon level +   
abnormal circulating glucose level +   
abnormal circulating insulin level +   
abnormal glucagon secretion +   
anomaly in the production or release of this hormone secreted by the alpha cells of the islets of Langerhans; it normally plays a role in regulation of blood glucose concentration, ketone metabolism, and other biochemical and physiological processes
abnormal gluconeogenesis +   
abnormal glucose tolerance +   
abnormal glycogen homeostasis +   
abnormal hepatic glucose production +   
abnormal insulin clearance  
abnormal insulin secretion +   
abnormal pancreatic ghrelin secretion 
abnormal pancreatic polypeptide secretion 
abnormal pancreatic somatostatin secretion  
abnormal renal glucose reabsorption  
abnormal urine glucose level +   
increased insulin sensitivity  
increased pancreatic alpha cell proliferation  
insulin resistance  

Definition Sources:, MESH:D06.472.699.587.469.500

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