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abnormal digit development +   
abnormal embryonic autopod plate morphology  
abnormal extensor digitorum longus morphology +   
abnormal hindlimb joint morphology +   
abnormal hindlimb stylopod morphology +   
abnormal hindlimb zeugopod morphology +   
abnormal knee morphology +   
abnormal left-right axis symmetry of the somites  
abnormal limb bud morphology +   
abnormal limb paddle morphology  
abnormal quadriceps morphology +   
absent hindlimb  
delayed limb development  
increased hindlimb autopod size  
long hindlimb 
long toenails  
pes valgus  
short hindlimb  
fusion of the caudal-most (posterior or lower) limbs often with partial or complete fusion of the autopods

Exact Synonyms: mermaid malformation ;   symmelia ;   sympus
Definition Sources: ISBN:0-683-40008-8

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