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abnormal carotid body physiology (MP:0003438)
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abnormal blood-brain barrier function +   
abnormal blood-cerebrospinal fluid barrier function  
abnormal blood-inner ear barrier function  
abnormal carotid body physiology +   
any functional anomaly in a small epithelioid structure consisting of a small cluster of chemoreceptive and supporting cells located near the bifurcation of the common carotid artery that serves as a chemoreceptive organ that senses the pH, carbon dioxide, and oxygen concentrations in the blood and plays a crucial role in their homeostatic control
abnormal vascular endothelial cell physiology +   
abnormal vascular permeability +   
abnormal vascular smooth muscle physiology +   
abnormal vascular wound healing  
blood vessel inflammation +   
coronary artery spasm  
intramural bleeding in blood vessel wall 
pathological neovascularization +   

Definition Sources: ISBN:0-683-40008-8, MESH:A08.800.550.700.120.600.150, MGI:monikat

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