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abnormal thyroid gland development (MP:0003421)
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abnormal adrenal gland development  
abnormal endometrial gland development  
abnormal Harderian gland development  
abnormal lacrimal gland development +   
abnormal mammary gland development +   
abnormal Meibomian gland development  
abnormal pancreas development +   
abnormal parathyroid gland development  
abnormal pineal gland development 
abnormal pituitary gland development +   
abnormal prostate gland development +   
abnormal seminal vesicle development +   
abnormal thymus development +   
abnormal thyroid follicle morphology +   
abnormal thyroid gland development +   
failure or abnormality in the formation of the thyroid gland during organogenesis
abnormal thyroid gland isthmus morphology +   
abnormal thyroid parafollicular C-cell morphology +   
absent lobe of thyroid gland  
athyroidism +   
ectopic thyroid gland  
enlarged thyroid gland +   
small thyroid gland +   
thyroid gland cyst  

Related Synonyms: abnormal thyroid development
Definition Sources: J:95017, MGI:smb

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