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abnormal colon goblet cell morphology +   
abnormal forestomach morphology +   
abnormal forestomach-glandular stomach junction morphology  
abnormal stomach cardiac region morphology +   
abnormal stomach fundus morphology +   
abnormal stomach glandular region morphology  
abnormal stomach mesentery morphology +   
abnormal stomach position or orientation +   
abnormal stomach pyloric region morphology +   
abnormal stomach wall morphology +   
absent colon  
absent stomach  
colon atresia  
colon polyps  
colonic necrosis  
decreased colon length  
distended stomach  
enlarged stomach +   
gastric cyst  
gastric metaplasia +   
gastric microaneurysm 
gastric necrosis  
gastric polyps  
gastrocolic fistula 
an abnormal anatomical passage between the stomach and the colon
increased colon length  
megacolon +   
small stomach +   
stomach fibrosis 

Definition Sources: ISBN:0-683-40008-8, NCBI:matt

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