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abnormal basilar membrane morphology  
abnormal Boettcher cell morphology  
abnormal cochlea size +   
abnormal cochlear basement membrane morphology  
abnormal cochlear modiolus morphology +   
abnormal cochlear sensory epithelium morphology +   
abnormal Reissner membrane morphology +   
abnormal Rosenthal canal morphology +   
abnormal scala media morphology +   
any structural anomaly of the division of the spiral canal of the cochlea that contains the organ of Corti (the neuroepithelial receptor organ for hearing)
abnormal scala tympani morphology +   
abnormal scala vestibuli morphology  
abnormal spiral limbus morphology +   
absent cochlea  
cochlear degeneration +   
decreased cochlea coiling  
increased cochlea coiling 

Exact Synonyms: abnormal Lowenberg scala ;   abnormal cochlear chamber ;   abnormal cochlear duct morphology
Definition Sources:, PMID:1680563

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