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abnormal cranial suture morphology (MP:0002835)
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abnormal basicranium morphology +   
abnormal cranial cartilage morphology +   
abnormal cranial cavity morphology +   
abnormal cranial foramen morphology +   
abnormal cranial suture morphology +   
any structural anomaly of the dense, fibrous connective tissue joint between the bones of the head
abnormal cranial vertex morphology  
abnormal cranium size +   
abnormal facial suture morphology +   
abnormal frontonasal suture morphology  
abnormal neurocranium morphology +   
abnormal orbit morphology +   
abnormal viscerocranium morphology +   
anterior cranium occultum  
cranial bossing +   
domed cranium  
ectopic cranial bone  

Exact Synonyms: abnormal cranial sutures
Definition Sources: MESH:A02.835.232.781.200, MGI:pvb

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