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abnormal amacrine cell morphology +   
abnormal choroid vasculature morphology +   
abnormal conjunctival vasculature morphology +   
abnormal hyaloid artery morphology +   
abnormal Muller cell morphology  
abnormal retina bipolar cell morphology +   
abnormal retina development +   
abnormal retina horizontal cell morphology +   
abnormal retina inner limiting membrane morphology  
abnormal retina layer morphology +   
abnormal retina outer limiting membrane morphology  
abnormal retina vasculature morphology +   
any anomaly of the structure or arrangement of blood vessels supplying the retina
abnormal susceptibility to age-related retinal degeneration +   
abnormal total retina thickness +   
absent retina  
decreased susceptibility to induced retina damage  
decreased ventral retina size  
red eye +  
retina coloboma  
retina degeneration +   
retina deposits +   
retina detachment +   
retina fibrosis  
retina fold  
retina gliosis  
retina hemorrhage  
retina hyperplasia  
retina hypoplasia  
retina spots  

Exact Synonyms: abnormal retinal vasculature morphology
Alternate IDs: MP:0006189
Definition Sources: MGI:cml

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