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abnormal leukocyte physiology +   
abnormal professional antigen presenting cell physiology +   
abnormal somatic hypermutation frequency  
abnormal type I hypersensitivity reaction +   
anomaly in a reaction manifested by localized or generalized reaction that occurs immediately (minutes) after exposure to an antigen to which the person/animal was previously sensitized; it is IgE-mediated, and mast cell activation and degranulation are hallmarks
abnormal type II hypersensitivity reaction +   
abnormal type III hypersensitivity reaction +   
abnormal type IV hypersensitivity reaction +   
acute joint inflammation 
acute pancreas inflammation  
decreased acute inflammation +   
increased acute inflammation +   

Exact Synonyms: anaphylactic shock ;   anaphylaxis ;   immediate type hypersensitivity
Definition Sources: ISBN:0-397-51047-0

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