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abnormal mononuclear cell differentiation (MP:0002445)
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abnormal airway basal cell differentiation  
abnormal basophil morphology +   
abnormal Bergmann glial cell differentiation  
abnormal dendritic cell differentiation +   
abnormal enterocyte differentiation  
abnormal eosinophil morphology +   
abnormal fat cell differentiation +   
abnormal granulocyte differentiation +   
abnormal keratinocyte differentiation  
abnormal lymphopoiesis +   
abnormal megakaryocyte differentiation  
abnormal melanocyte differentiation  
abnormal mesenchymal cell differentiation involved in lung development  
abnormal mononuclear cell differentiation +   
atypical production of or inability to produce a leukocyte with a single non-segmented nucleus in the mature form
abnormal myelopoiesis +   
abnormal myoblast differentiation  
abnormal myofibroblast differentiation +   
abnormal myotube differentiation +   
abnormal neuron differentiation +   
abnormal neutrophil differentiation  
abnormal organ of Corti supporting cell differentiation +   
abnormal osteoblast differentiation +   
abnormal osteoclast differentiation  
abnormal pancreatic alpha cell differentiation  
abnormal pancreatic beta cell differentiation  
abnormal pancreatic delta cell differentiation  
abnormal pancreatic epsilon cell differentiation  
abnormal PP cell differentiation  
abnormal vascular endothelial cell differentiation  
impaired granulosa cell differentiation +   
impaired luteal cell differentiation  
impaired neural crest cell differentiation +   

Exact Synonyms: abnormal mononuclear leucocyte differentiation ;   abnormal mononuclear leukocyte differentiation ;   mononuclear leucocyte development abnormalities ;   mononuclear leukocyte development abnormalities
Definition Sources: CL:0000842

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