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abnormal diastema morphology  
abnormal lip morphology +   
abnormal mandibular dental arch morphology  
abnormal maxillary dental arch morphology  
abnormal mouth floor morphology  
abnormal mouth shape +   
abnormal mouth size +   
abnormal oral cavity morphology +   
abnormal oral mucosa morphology +   
abnormal palate morphology +   
abnormal periodontium morphology +   
abnormal tongue morphology +   
abnormal tooth morphology +   
any anomaly in the size, shape or structure of the hard or soft tissues of the skeletal element within the mouth that is composed of dentine and used to procure or masticate food
absent mouth  
oral atresia  
oral cleft +   

Exact Synonyms: abnormal teeth morphology ;   abnormal tooth structure ;   teeth abnormalities ;   teeth: tooth dysmorphology ;   tooth dysplasia
Alternate IDs: MP:0000115 ;   MP:0000123
Xrefs: MGI:2173553
Definition Sources:, UBERON:0001091

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