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abnormal coat/ hair morphology +   
abnormal hypodermis morphology +   
abnormal mammary gland morphology +   
abnormal nail morphology +   
abnormal pilosebaceous unit morphology +   
abnormal skin adnexa development +   
abnormal sweat gland morphology +   
abnormal vibrissa follicle morphology  
abnormal vibrissa morphology +   
any structural anomaly of the stiff hairs projecting from the face around the nose of most mammals which act as touch receptors
swellings +   

Exact Synonyms: abnormal contour hair morphology ;   abnormal sinus hair morphology ;   abnormal touch hair morphology ;   abnormal vibrissae morphology ;   vibrissae abnormalities ;   vibrissae defects ;   vibrissae dysplasia ;   vibrissae: dysmorphology
Related Synonyms: abnormal whiskers morphology
Alternate IDs: MP:0001271
Xrefs: MGI:2173547
Definition Sources: MESH:A13.950, MGI:csmith

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