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abnormal colon goblet cell morphology +   
absent colon  
adipose tissue necrosis  
bone necrosis 
cardiac muscle necrosis +   
colon atresia  
colon polyps  
colonic necrosis  
morphological changes resulting from pathological death of some or all colon tissue; usually due to irreversible damage
decreased colon length  
dental pulp necrosis  
embryo tissue necrosis +   
epidermal necrosis  
gangrene +   
gastric necrosis  
gastrocolic fistula 
hepatic necrosis +   
increased colon length  
lacrimal gland necrosis  
lymph node necrosis  
megacolon +   
outer ear necrosis 
pancreas necrosis  
periodontal ligament necrosis  
placenta necrosis +   
pulmonary necrosis +   
renal necrosis +   
skeletal muscle necrosis +   
tail necrosis  

Definition Sources: MGI:cwg

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