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abnormal mandibular symphysis morphology (MP:0001649)
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abnormal chin morphology +   
abnormal intervertebral disk morphology +   
abnormal mandibular angle morphology +   
abnormal mandibular canal morphology +   
abnormal mandibular foramen morphology +   
abnormal mandibular ramus morphology +   
abnormal mandibular symphysis morphology +   
any structural anomaly of the fibrocartilagenous union of the two halves of the mandible (embryonic stages)
abnormal mental foramen morphology +   
abnormal pubic symphysis morphology +   
abnormal temporomandibular joint morphology +   
absent mandible  
large mandible +   
mandibular cyst  
mandibular hyperostosis  
mandibular retrognathia  
small mandible +   

Exact Synonyms: abnormal inter-mandibular joint morphology ;   abnormal intermandibular joint morphology ;   abnormal symphysis menti morphology ;   symphysis menti dysplasia
Related Synonyms: abnormal mental symphysis morphology ;   abnormal symphysis mandibulae morphology ;   abnormal symphysis mentalis morphology
Alternate IDs: MP:0000096
Definition Sources: ISBN:0-683-40008-8, PMID:7914451

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