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abnormal canthus morphology +   
abnormal eyelid aperture +   
abnormal eyelid cilium morphology +   
abnormal eyelid development +   
abnormal eyelid margin morphology  
abnormal eyelid muscle morphology +   
abnormal Meibomian gland morphology +   
abnormal nictitating membrane morphology 
abnormal palpebral conjunctiva morphology +   
abnormal timing of postnatal eyelid opening +   
abnormal Zeis gland morphology 
absent eyelids +   
ankyloblepharon filiform 
epicanthus inversus 
eyelid edema  
eyelid hyperplasia  
eyelid hypoplasia  
eyelids open at birth  
open eyes instead of closed at perinatal stage; failure of the upper and lower thin folds of skin and muscle that cover the exposed portion of the eye to fuse completely together during development and an individual is born with the eye(s) uncovered leading to degrees of injury and blindness
pronounced eyelids 
thick eyelids  

Exact Synonyms: open eye lids ;   open eyelids
Alternate IDs: MP:0001342
Definition Sources: MGI:llw2

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