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abnormal cornea stroma development  
abnormal eye muscle development +   
abnormal eyelid development +   
abnormal hyaloid artery morphology +   
abnormal lens development +   
abnormal optic cup morphology +   
abnormal optic eminence morphology  
abnormal optic fissure closure +   
abnormal optic fissure morphology  
abnormal optic stalk morphology  
abnormal optic vesicle formation +   
abnormal periocular mesenchyme morphology +   
abnormal primary vitreous morphology +   
abnormal retina development +   
coloboma +   
eye bleb  
increased opacity of vitreous body  
persistence of hyaloid vascular system  
failure of the degeneration of the transient vascular system of the eye during development, that normally nourishes the retina, immature lens and primary vitreous of the developing eye
vitreal fibroplasia  
vitreous body deposition  
vitreous body hemorrhage  

Exact Synonyms: persistence of hyaloid capillary system
Definition Sources: PMID:18841878

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