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abnormal epidermal stem cell physiology +   
abnormal keratinocyte physiology +   
abnormal pruritus +   
abnormal sebocyte physiology +   
abnormal skin exfoliation  
abnormal skin tensile strength +   
abnormal skin turgor +   
abnormal tail ring morphology  
decreased sensitivity to skin irradiation  
epithelioid cyst +   
impaired skin barrier function  
increased sensitivity to skin irradiation  
increased incidence of aberrant or damaged cells due to irradiation induced genotoxic damage
skin cyst +   
skin edema +   
skin hemorrhage  
skin inflammation +   
skin photosensitivity  
skin rash 
thick skin  
thin skin  
webbed neck  

Exact Synonyms: decreased resistance to skin irradiation ;   skin irradiation sensitivity
Related Synonyms: increased susceptibility to skin irradiation
Definition Sources: PMID:9185996

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