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abnormal third ventricle morphology (MP:0000826)
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abnormal brain ependyma morphology +   
abnormal brain ventricle size +   
abnormal epithalamus morphology +   
abnormal fourth ventricle morphology +   
abnormal globus pallidus morphology  
abnormal hypothalamus morphology +   
abnormal lateral ventricle morphology +   
abnormal mammillary body morphology  
abnormal pituitary gland morphology +   
abnormal subthalamus morphology +   
abnormal tela choroidea morphology +   
abnormal thalamus morphology +   
abnormal third ventricle morphology +   
any structural anomaly of the narrow cleft inferior to the corpus callosum, within the diencephalon, between the paired thalami; its floor is formed by the hypothalamus, its anterior wall by the lamina terminalis, and its roof by ependyma; it communicates with the fourth ventricle by the cerebral aqueduct, and with the lateral ventricles by the interventricular foramina
absent brain ventricles  
absent diencephalon  
brain ventricle stenosis +   
diencephalon hyperplasia  
diencephalon hypoplasia  
dilated brain ventricle +   
supratentorial ventricles enlargement 

Exact Synonyms: abnormal 3rd ventricle morphology ;   abnormal ventriculus tertius morphology ;   third ventricle dysplasia
Definition Sources: MESH:A08., MGI:cwg

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