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left-sided isomerism (MP:0000542)
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heterotaxia +     
abdominal situs abnormality +   
atrial situs inversus  
left-sided isomerism +   
anomaly in the asymmetry of the visceral paired organs (e.g. lungs) such that organs on the left and right side have the morphology normally seen on the left side of the body; this may also be associated with the presence of multiple spleens
lung situs inversus +   
right-sided isomerism +   
right-sided stomach  
situs ambiguus  
situs inversus +   
visceral organ asymmetry 

Related Synonyms: polysplenia syndrome (left isomerism)
Xrefs: Fyler:0192 ;   Fyler:192
Definition Sources: MGI:smb

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