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abnormal juxtaglomerular apparatus morphology +   
abnormal kidney cortex artery morphology +   
abnormal kidney cortex vein morphology +  
abnormal kidney medullary ray morphology  
abnormal renal corpuscle morphology +   
absent kidney cortex  
kidney cortex atrophy  
kidney cortex cyst  
presence of one or more abnormal membranous sacs in the kidney cortex
kidney cortex hypoplasia  
kidney corticomedullary cyst  
kidney medulla cyst  
polycystic kidney  
renal glomerulus cyst  

Exact Synonyms: cystic kidney cortex ;   cystic renal cortex ;   cysts in kidney cortex ;   kidney cortex cysts ;   renal cortex cyst ;   renal cortex cysts ;   renal cortical cyst ;   renal cortical cysts
Definition Sources:, ISBN:0-683-40008-8

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