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abnormal angioblastic cord morphology 
abnormal aortic sac morphology +   
abnormal cardiac epithelial to mesenchymal transition  
abnormal cardiac mesenchyme morphology  
abnormal cardiac neural crest cell morphology +   
abnormal cardiac outflow tract development +   
abnormal cardiogenic mesoderm morphology  
abnormal cardiogenic plate morphology +   
abnormal coronary vessel morphology +   
abnormal heart and great vessel attachment +   
abnormal heart apex morphology +   
abnormal heart atrium and ventricle connection +   
abnormal heart atrium morphology +   
abnormal heart development +   
aberrant formation or incomplete differentiation of the heart
abnormal heart iron level +   
abnormal heart layer morphology +   
abnormal heart position or orientation +   
abnormal heart septum morphology +   
abnormal heart shape +   
abnormal heart size +   
abnormal heart valve morphology +   
abnormal heart ventricle morphology +   
abnormal impulse conducting system morphology +   
abnormal pericardial cavity morphology +   
abnormal pericardium morphology +   
abnormal vascular development +   
absent heart  
cardiac fibrosis +   
dilated heart +   
dystrophic cardiac calcinosis +   
heart vascular congestion  

Exact Synonyms: abnormal cardiac development ;   cardiac development abnormalities
Alternate IDs: MP:0001624
Definition Sources:, PMID:9949198

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