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abnormal cartilage development +   
abnormal chondrocyte differentiation +   
abnormal epiphyseal plate morphology +   
abnormal fontanelle morphology +   
any structural anomaly in the membranous interval at the margins of cranial bones in neonates
abnormal frontal bone morphology +   
abnormal interfrontal bone morphology  
abnormal interparietal bone morphology +   
abnormal long bone epiphysis morphology +   
abnormal occipital bone morphology +   
abnormal osteoblast differentiation +   
abnormal osteoclast differentiation  
abnormal osteoid morphology +   
abnormal parietal bone morphology +   
abnormal rib development  
abnormal sclerotome morphology +   
abnormal skeletal maturation +   
abnormal sphenoid bone morphology +   
abnormal temporal bone morphology +   
abnormal vertebrae development +   
abnormal zygomatic arch morphology +   
absent neurocranium  
enlarged neurocranium  
small neurocranium  
thick neurocranium +   
thin neurocranium +   

Exact Synonyms: abnormal fontanel morphology ;   fontanelle dysplasia
Definition Sources: ISBN:0-683-40008-8, PMID:9949198

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