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Bradford protein assay (MMO:0000426)
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automated bromocresol green-based plasma albumin analysis with spectrophotometric readout 
bicinchoninic acid protein assay 
Bradford protein assay 
The Bradford assay of protein concentration is based on an absorbance shift of the dye Coomassie Brilliant Blue G-250. In the acidic environment of the assay, protein binds to the Coomassie dye, resulting in a shift from reddish/brown to blue in the color of the dye, which can be quantitated by spectrophotometry, i.e., based on the ability of the solution to alter the transmission of light at specific wavelengths in the visible spectrum, that is, to alter the transmission of a specific color of light. The binding of the dye to the protein stabilizes the blue anionic form and the increase of absorbance at 595 nm is proportional to the amount of bound dye, and thus to the amount (concentration) of protein present in the sample.
bromocresol green-based urine albumin analysis with spectrophotometric readout  
Lowry protein assay  

Exact Synonyms: Coomassie dye protein assay
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