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in vivo method +     
audiometry +  
bioimpedance method +  
body fluid collection method +  
body measuring method +   
body movement/behavior method +   
consumption measuring method +  
dynamometry +  
electrical potential recording method +   
electroconvulsive threshold test 
electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy +  
flowmetry +   
in vivo linear measurement method +   
in vivo microscopy +  
in vivo photography +   
in vivo radiography +   
in vivo thermometry +   
in vivo visual assessment +   
laser interference biometry 
manual palpation method  
nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy +  
ophthalmoscopy +   
optical coherence tomography 
optokinetic reflex test method 
plethysmography +   
radiotelemetry +   
respiratory mechanics assessment method 
sensation test +  
servo-null micropipette transducer method 
sphygmomanometry +   
taste threshold test 
tonometry +  
transepidermal water loss test 
ultrasound method +   
vascular indwelling catheter method +   
A thin tube communicating to the body surface, inserted into the vascular system and positioned to permit measurements of blood flow, pressure or blood sampling over a period of time.
volume pressure recording +  

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