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ABC Disease 
Accessory Atrioventricular Bundle 
Agenesis of Corpus Callosum +   
Airway Remodeling  
alopecia +   
Amyloid Plaques +   
Atrial Remodeling  
Atrophy +   
benign neoplasm +   
Blister +   
brain compression  
Calculi +   
cancer +   
Cerebral Cortical Thinning 
Choristoma +   
Chromosomal Instability with Tissue-Specific Radiosensitivity 
Cutaneous Telangiectasia and Cancer Syndrome, Familial  
Cysts +   
Any fluid-filled closed cavity or sac that is lined by an EPITHELIUM. Cysts can be of normal, abnormal, non-neoplastic, or neoplastic tissues.
Dilatation, Pathologic  
Diverticulum +   
enterocele +   
Experimental Neoplasms +   
Facial Asymmetry +   
Fistula +   
Hamartoma +   
Hereditary Neoplastic Syndromes +   
Hypertrophy +   
Leg Length Inequality 
Leukoplakia +   
Malformed Nails +   
Multiple Primary Neoplasms +   
Neoplasms by Histologic Type +   
Neoplasms by Site +   
Neoplasms, Hormone-Dependent  
Neoplasms, Post-Traumatic 
Neoplasms, Second Primary  
Neoplastic Pregnancy Complications +   
Neoplastic Processes +   
Paraneoplastic Syndromes +   
Pathologic Constriction +   
Plaque, Atherosclerotic  
Polyps +   
pre-malignant neoplasm +   
Prolapse +  
Radiation-Induced Neoplasms +   
Spontaneous Perforation 
Spontaneous Rupture +   
Tertiary Lymphoid Structures 
Torsion Abnormality +   
Tumor Predisposition Syndrome +   
Vascular Remodeling +   
Ventricular Remodeling  
X-linked immunodeficiency with magnesium defect, Epstein-Barr virus infection, and neoplasia  

Exact Synonyms: Cyst
Narrow Synonyms: Endometrial Cyst ;   Nabothian Cyst
Primary IDs: MESH:D003560
Xrefs: EFO:1000232 ;   EFO:1000390
Definition Sources: MESH:D003560

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