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Breast Neoplasms +     
thoracic cancer +     
Animal Mammary Neoplasms +   
breast benign neoplasm +   
breast cancer +   
A thoracic cancer that originates in the mammary gland. (DO)
breast myoepithelial neoplasm +   
chest wall lymphoma +  
Florid Papillomatosis of Nipple 
Inflammatory Breast Neoplasms +   
Male Breast Neoplasms +   
mediastinal cancer +   
Radiation Induced Angiosarcoma of the Breast 
retroperitoneal cancer +   
Smarca4-deficient sarcoma of thorax 
sternum cancer +  
Triple Negative Breast Neoplasms  
Unilateral Breast Neoplasms 

Exact Synonyms: BRCATA ;   breast malignant neoplasms ;   breast malignant tumor ;   breast malignant tumors ;   cancer of breast ;   malignant neoplasm breast ;   malignant neoplasm of breast ;   malignant neoplasm of female breast ;   malignant tumor of breast ;   malignant tumor of the breast ;   mammary cancer ;   mammary tumor ;   primary breast cancer
Narrow Synonyms: HEREDITARY BREAST CANCER, ABRAXAS1-RELATED ;   PMS1-RELATED BREAST CANCER ;   breast cancer, 11-22 translocation-associated ;   breast cancer, early onset ;   breast cancer, invasive ductal ;   breast cancer, lobular
Related Synonyms: breast cancer, post-chemotherapy poor survival in ;   breast cancer, protection against ;   breast cancer, somatic ;   breast cancer, susceptibility to
Alternate IDs: OMIM:114480
Xrefs: EFO:0009649 ;   ICD10CM:C50 ;   MONDO:0007254 ;   NCI:C9335
Definition Sources: "DO" "DO", "DO" "DO", "DO" "DO", "DO" "DO", "DO" "DO"

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