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mean length density of glomerular capillaries (CMO:0003708)
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calculated kidney glomerular podocyte measurement +  
calculated kidney glomerulus count +  
glomerular filtering surface area to glomerular volume ratio 
kidney glomerular density 
kidney glomerulus area 
kidney glomerulus volume +  
mean length density of glomerular capillaries 
This is a calculated value based on the number of capillary profiles counted in microscopic images of glomerular tufts. The total calculated length of capillaries is expressed per glomerulus.
ratio of glomerular area occupied by activated mesangial cells to total glomerular area 
total filtering surface area per glomerulus 

Exact Synonyms: Lcap ;   average total length of capillaries per glomerulus
Xrefs: PMID:7894005
Definition Sources:, PMID:7894005

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